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Trerice Product Details

Since 1923 the H.O. Trerice Company has consistently produced the most “Complete Line” of instrumentation and controls available to industry. Trerice maintains an international reputation for excellence in design, engineering and product quality. 


Solar Thermlight Powered Digital
The Trerice “Solar-Therm” replaces dangerous out-of-date Mercury thermometers in
environmentally conscious applications. The SX Series is now rated NEMA 4X (IP65) making it suitable for outdoor use or for when spray down is required. In addition, the SX features a rugged cast aluminum case, large easy to read LCD display and an adjustable angle stem that is fully interchangeable with existing industrial liquid-in-glass thermometers. The “Solar Therm” requires no external power and needs only 10 lux of illumination to operate. The unique Min/Max feature provides instant recall of minimum and maximum temperatures over a given period and is easily reset.

Bimetal Thermometers
Trerice Bimetal Thermometers are available in a wide variety of configurations including adjustable angle, back or bottom connections. Dial sizes are 5”, 3”, 2”, 13/4” and 1”. All models are of welded stainless steel construction and are hermetically sealed. The 5” diameter adjustable angle type provides excellent readability and adjustability. The 3” rigid back model offers high quality at an economical price. For corrosive or pressure applications, use of a thermowell is required to prevent damage to the thermometer and facilitate its removal from the process.

Pressure Gauges
Trerice offers the right pressure gauge for any application. Please see an introduction to our most common lines below. To enhance our gauges, Trerice offers a complete line of gauge accessories including: pressure snubbers, coil syphons, needle valves and gauge cocks.
Trerice Process Gauges are designed for use in petrochemical, pharmaceutical and other process industries. All process gauges feature solid front, blow-out back type cases in either polypropylene (450 Series) or stainless steel (750 Series). In addition, all Trerice Process Gauges are field liquid-fillable.
Trerice Industrial Pressure Gauges are available in a broad range of case materials, sizes, wetted materials and connections to meet your every need. These gauges provide the accuracy and durability required in industrial applications. Trerice 700 and D80 Series Gauges feature stainless steel case construction and are hermetically
sealed for field liquid filling. Trerice 500X Series Gauges have rugged cast aluminum cases in dial sizes up to 12” and feature 1/2% full-scale accuracy.
The 575SS “Field Test Gauge” features a chrome plated aluminum case, mirrored
dial-face, knife edge pointer and comes complete with a NIST traceable calibration certificate. 875LFB gauges have forged brass cases and are liquid filled, making them the ideal gauge for the harshest environments.
Trerice Commercial Pressure Gauges are the most specified HVAC/R gauges in the construction industry. Trerice Commercial Pressure Gauges are accurate to 1% full-scale and come with either a rugged cast aluminum (600C Series) or corrosion resistant stainless steel case (620B Series).
Trerice Utility Gauges are designed for repeatable performance at an economical cost. The 800B is useful for any situation requiring general pressure indication and is available in dial sizes from 1.5” – 4” in bottom and back connections.


Industrial Thermometers
Trerice Adjustable Angle Series, cast aluminum case*, liquid-in-glass industrial
thermometers have long been recognized as the industry standard and feature a mercury free spirit fill. Standard case length is 9” (BX); 7” (AX) and 12” (CX) case lengths are also available. Stem lengths are 31/2”, 6” and 8”. Thermowells can be supplied in brass or stainless steel and are required to protect the thermometer stem and allow for its removal from the process.
* Aluminum case meets CAN/CGSB-14.4-m.88 (par. 5.2).


Dial Thermometers
Trerice Dial Thermometers are available in either adjustable angle direct mount or
remote connected designs with bronze or stainless steel sensing bulbs and capillary tubing. Actuation mediums are vapor or solid liquid and cover a wide variety of temperature ranges between –40° F to 450° F. Cases are 31/2” stainless steel or 41/2” through 81/2” cast aluminum.


Temperature Regulators
Trerice 91000 Series Self-operating Temperature Regulators are the #1 choice
of original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), mechanical contractors and specifying engineers. These regulators are the ideal choice for temperature control of tanks, process streams and industrial equipment. The self-operating design provides reliable performance under the most extreme conditions without the need for an external power source. These regulators are available with 2-way or 3-way valves in sizes ranging from 1/8” reduced port to 6”. Capillary systems and thermowells are available in a variety of materials to withstand the harshest conditions.

Air Operated Control Valves
Trerice Air Operated Diaphragm Control Valves are actuated by a 1-17 PSIG air signal from a Trerice model TA901 I/P transducer used in conjunction with a Trerice TR890 Series electronic PID controller. The 910 Series comes standard with many features usually found on more expensive units. The 940 Series is well suited to severe service conditions where its heavy-duty construction and high performance capabilities make it the choice of specifying engineers in industrial applications. Trerice air-operated control valves are available in sizes from 1/8” reduced port through 8” in 2-way and 3-way designs in multiple body materials. A wide variety of valve plug sizes are available, as well as both pneumatic and electro-pneumatic T positioners and a full compliment of accessories.

"PLUS Products"
TRERICE “Plus” products provide both local and remote indication in one unit. Their dual sensor design eliminates the need for additional instrumentation or connections. The separate mechanical and electronic sensors insure integrity of the temperature or pressure readings. 700-Plus pressure gauges integrate an independent transmitter in a mechanical pressure gauge. BX and Bimetal Plus thermometers include an internally mounted sensor for remote readings. The Bimetal Plus offers a Thermocouple or RTD while the BX Plus is supplied with an RTD. The Trerice TRD16 Digital Indicator and TRS16 Selector Switch are the ideal companions for remote temperature sensing operations. The TRD16 has a large 20mm LED Display for either Thermocouple or RTD inputs. The TRS16 allows for economical measurement of multiple processes (using the same thermocouple type) while requiring only one digital indicator. Their unique design allows for both units to mounted together in a 1/4 Din opening.

Trerice Product Catalogs for gauges, thermometers, regulators and other applications

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